Curriculum Vitae

Ambitious and highly professional PHP web developer and API specialist base in Plymouth, Devon. Experienced in website development, collaborative systems, web app development and practical experience dealing with clients from a wide scope of businesses. Fluent in multiple programming languages with the confidence to undertake large scale projects.

Self-taught programmer with over a decade of real world industry experience and possess the uncanny ability to solve problems as they arise. Committed to acquiring new programming skills and knowledge through formal and informal learning.

Extensive experience in the development of functional websites, web applications, billing systems and CMS solutions covering a multitude of platforms and industries. Able to learn new applications and systems with ease.

Technical Abilities

  • PHP Web Development
  • API Integration and Creation
  • Online Billing systems and SMS Platforms
  • Database Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Server Administration

Coding Knowledge

  • LAMP
  • OO PHP, Frameworks and APIs
  • mySQL, phpMyAdmin
  • jQuery, OO JavaScript

Hobbies and Interests

Other things that I enjoy to do in my spare time as well as going for walks and spending time with my partner and one year old son are:

  • Landscaping my home garden as well as helping others
  • Creating a Hornby model railway
  • Snowboarding and Wakeboarding
  • Home maintenance and general DIY

From time to time I have also been known to cook some exciting meals for friends and family although not as often as I should.

Employment History


Web Systems Architect
June 2015 - Present

Development of clients websites

Shadow Technologies

December 2012 - Present

Side project with another developer to create a set of PHP and Javascript tools. Managing the companies’ finances, keeping the accounts up-to-date and submitting to HMRC. Created a PHP framework with an extensive set of packages to speed up website development.

Worked closely with Logo Design and Marketing to create several client sites using the framework, the largest being SAP.

  • Development of TwistPHP Framework, Lavish CMS and eCommerce Platform
  • Managing the companies finances
  • SEO and promotion of the companies’ products and services

Logo Marketing & Design

CTO & Developer
January 2011 - June 2015

Developed a large range of bespoke websites and web apps, both external and internal. Interfacing with and providing bespoke solutions for a number of large clients including SAP.

Creation and development of Fee-Time, the companies’ seat based time and project management system. Integrating the system with the accounting software Xero and implementing solutions to help save the company time and money.

Taking control of the companies computing infrastructure, implementing servers, load balancers and local DNS management. Responsible for the setup and management of the companies’ email and file storage solutions. Implementation and management of the companies’ external dedicated servers.

  • Promoted within the company from Web Developer to CTO (Systems Administrator)
  • Working closely with a development team of 6
  • Regularly developing bespoke solutions for large multinational clients
  • Management of multiple external dedicated servers
  • Implementing and maintaining companies computing infrastructure
  • Responsible for the development of the software product Fee-Time


Senior Developer
May 2006 - January 2011

Working towards the normalisation of a large-scale database, optimising code, setting up API connections and remote access management in order to maximise traffic throughput of the companies’ global SMS platform.

Assumed role as lead developer of mENABLE and developed from the ground up the award winning JunglePay billing system in an effort to maximise the global reach of online billing provided by the company. Other work duties also included the setup of new client accounts, product activation and product integration with existing client systems.

Used PHP and MySQL extensively for statistical analysis and data reporting, client-server communication with mobile network operators via REST, XML RPC and SOAP.

  • Promoted within the company from Web Developer to Senior Developer
  • Design and Develop new billing platforms whilst maintain others
  • Working on the Online SMS Billing platform, SMS voting and SMS Chat services
  • Building and managing bespoke interactive websites from quote to completion
  • Extensive work on the internal Admin system handling millions of SMS messages

Tavistock Gallery

Website Developer
August 2004 - April 2005

Starting out in web development as a junior apprentice building the companies website. Learning HTML and CSS whilst documenting the vast range of artwork to be shown on the website. Other duties also included cutting large sheets of glass and mirror to the required size, hanging and maintaining newly framed mirrors and works of art in the public gallery.

Other Previous Jobs

May 2005 - April 2006 – Waiter and part-time Head Cook at Ship Inn in Morwellham Quay and Temporary Data Entry Clerk at Royal Mail.
November 2001 - August 2004 – Marine Engineer Assistant at Marine Projects Ltd, Self Employed Gardener and Farm Hand in Bere Ferrers and Waiter at Kellys Fish & Chips.