PHP Developer + API Specialist

Ambitious and highly professional PHP web developer and API specialist base in Plymouth, Devon. Experienced in website development, collaborative systems and web app development.

"Dan is a talented developer who has used his technical and problem solving skills to design and build complex systems for large international clients."
Hannah Wilson-Rudd, Digital Director at Logo Design & Marketing view

Web Developer

Worked as a web developer in Plymouth for over a decade covering many different industries and services. Extensive knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS and JS development languages.

Database Developer

Ability to develop, implement and maintain expandable MySQL databases ensuring that all data is efficiently optimised and normalised.

API Specialist

Experienced with the integration and creation of REST and Soap web based APIs covering online payment gateways, SMS services and secure data feeds.

System Administrator

Setup and maintain computer systems, including servers, users machines and other network devices. Experienced in the creation and management of web servers running Red Hat, OSX Server and Windows.